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Using the Powerful, Multi-Awarding Winning Therapy RTT,

I can help you heal past trauma and move beyond limitations to create the life you deserve. 

What if I told you that you had the power to upgrade every area of your life?

My name is Nicky and I am a Rapid Transformational Therapist and Coach.

RTT is a hybrid therapy, combining Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. This pioneering therapy was created by award winning therapist Marisa Peer, who over 30 years has used this cutting edge method to transform the lives of  royalty, rock stars, Hollywood actors, Olympic athletes and top CEOs. 

It is so effective, it's been endorsed by a large number of international bodies including the General Hypnotherapy Register, and the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council and the American Board of Hypnotherapy.

I was personally trained by Marisa and her team, and am now part of a global community of therapists, benefiting from regular masterclasses with Marisa and international speakers.

RTT goes deeper and gets results faster. Outstanding results can often be achieved in just 1 to 3 sessions. It works so well because rather than treating a person's presenting symptoms, RTT gets to, and removes the root cause of the issue.

Negative beliefs and habits are explored and reframed, freeing the person from a lifetime of pain and enabling them to move forward in their life and achieve their goals.

Clients are able to reach breakthroughs and achieve lasting change via hypnosis that would not be possible if they were simply trying to reach their subconscious mind via altered language and self-talk.

This is for you if you struggle with low self esteem, unwanted habits and behaviours, health issues and unfulfilling relationships.

You may have experienced trauma in your past and have unresolved emotions which are holding you back.

Or you may be sabotaging your own success but don't know how or why. 

In a relaxed state of hypnosis I guide you back through the past and use a number of powerful proven techniques to free you from painful experiences and the limiting beliefs you acquired from them.

Clients find that once they've resolved their issue it has a ripple effect through other aspects of their life.

As with any change, it can be unsettling which is why I offer follow up coaching sessions so that you have the support and guidance to adapt and maximise your success. 

Often we don't invest the time or money in looking after ourselves, I know, I used to be the same. But once you experience this life changing therapy and the power of coaching, and see and feel the profound impact on every aspect of your life you'll be glad you did.

Act now, because when you look back in a year's time you'll wish that you started today.

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Rapid Transformational Therapy

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Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) can be used to treat a huge range of limiting conditions and unwanted habits and behaviours.

  • Addictions

  • Anxiety

  • Auto immune disorders

  • Body Image

  • Childhood Problems

  • Compulsive Behavior

  • Confidence

  • Depression

  • Eating Issues

  • Health Issues

  • Emotional Blocks

  • Exam preparation

  • Fears

  • Feeling not lovable or not enough

  • Guilt

  • IBS

  • Improve Memory & concentration

  • Interview preparation

  • Menopause Symptoms

  • Migraines

  • Money Blocks

  • Motivation

  • Pain Management

  • Panic Attacks

  • Phobias

  • Procrastination

  • Public Speaking

  • Relationships

  • Relaxation

  • Self Doubt

  • Self Esteem

  • Self Sabotage

  • Skin Problems

  • Sleep Problems

  • Smoking

  • Sports Performance

  • Stress

  • Success Blocks

  • Unwanted habits

  • Visibility Blocks

  • Weight Cont

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What happens in an RTT Session?

I will gently guide you to go into a pleasant and deeply relaxed, natural state, where we can talk and communicate with your subconscious mind.  During the session you will be reasonably aware and alert, whilst relaxed, and fully able to hear and talk to me. 

My clients are always surprised at how calm and safe they feel throughout the experience, reporting a huge sense of calm and lightness afterwards.

You will then be given a bespoke, personalised recording to take away with you to wire in the changes and we will have a follow up coaching session to integrate the changes and maximise success.

What is hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is safe, natural, & free from any adverse side effects.

It is in this relaxing, enjoyable state, commonly referred to as ‘hypnosis', we can communicate directly with your subconscious mind, which holds the keys, not only to understanding the cause of the issue, but also to bring about the changes, resolution and healing that you desire.

Hypnotherapy is acknowledged by the Royal Society of Medicine as an effective therapy for a whole variety of issues.

How widely recognised is RTT?

RTT has been endorsed by the General Hypnotherapy Register, the complementary and Natural Healthcare Council, the National and International Council of Psychotherapists, the American Board of Hypnotherapy, the International Association of Complementary Therapists, the International Institute of Complementary Therapies and many other International bodies.

In 2018 RTT received 13 awards in just 6 months including 5 prestigious Gold Stevie awards.

How is RTT different to regular Hypnotherapy?

RTT uses Hypnotherapy as a tool to access the subconscious mind during the first part of the process. RTT then incorporates other methods including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy & Neurolinguistic Programming to create new neural pathways in the brain leading to transformation and healing by 'recoding' outdated, dysfunctional programs.

Services & Packages

Sessions take place either online via Zoom or in person at the following Practices:

Holistic Health, Broadway Market London E8 4QJ

The Annexe Wellbeing Centre, Crews Hill Enfield EN2 9DY

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30 Day Transformation Package

Assessment & strategy plan - 30 minutes.

Powerful RTT session - 90 minutes on one priority issue. 

Personalised success recording to wire in the changes.

Follow up coaching session - 30 minutes.

Your Investment



60 Day Transformation Package

Assessment & strategy plan - 30 mins

2 X Powerful RTT sessions on two separate areas of your choice.

Personalised success recordings x 2 to wire in the changes.

Follow up coaching session - 30 minutes

Additional coaching session - 30 minutes

Your Investment


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90 Day Transformation Package

90 Day deep healing & transformation

Deep dive coaching assessment & strategy to map out your transformation - 60 minutes.

3 X Powerful RTT sessions on 3 separate areas of your choice.

Personalised success recordings x 3 to wire in the changes.

Deep dive one hour coaching session to design an action plan for your new life.

1 hour Follow up Mentor Session.

Your Investment


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Other Services:

45 Minute Coaching/Guidance Session £95

Single RTT Session £125

Relaxation Hypnotherapy Session £95 

A Deposit of £50 is required to secure your booking. For queries please email

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About Me


My Journey

As far back as I can remember, I always knew there was more to what we perceive with our five senses. For some, religion and science provide the answers that they seek, but I couldn’t help the feeling that there was more.

In my early 20’s I felt compelled to start my quest for knowledge. I delved into spirituality, philosophy and metaphysics. I studied intensely and learned as much as I could about the esoteric, the laws of the universe, energy, human consciousnesses, the power of the mind and the correlation between the mind and physical ailments.

I found it all absolutely fascinating!

By day I worked in the property industry - and managed a busy portfolio of high end properties in the city - and in evenings & weekends I studied Shamanism and eventually qualified as a Shamanic Healing Practitioner and energy healer.

I began working with with clients who were already on a spiritual path, but I knew I wanted to get my message out to a wider audience. I wanted to help women who - like me, were burnt out in their careers or failing at relationships - people who struggle as we all do at times with the enormity of LIFE!

Finding RTT was like the missing part of the puzzle - finally I had found a modality that combined all of the processes that I had learned over the years, the deep inner work, the manifestation tools - all in one neat little package!

Having RTT myself gave me the confidence to finally step outside my comfort zone and pursue my dreams, and I'm now the proud owner of my own transformational healing & coaching business. Every day I get to help people heal and change their lives to become the best version of themselves.

I have found my purpose and I am finally living in complete alignment with my highest truth - and my role on this Earth is to help as many people as possible do the same.

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What my clients say

Have you ever felt that you cannot connect. Not even fully connect with yourself. So unsure, yet you know, and you feel this very strongly, that this isn't the real you. That you are actually very strong. Full of love, and want to feel totally centered and in control, no matter what is going on in or around you or whom you are with. But, instead you break down inside when faced with challenges that simply overwhelm you. It just takes over automatically and there's nothing you can do to stop it. You have learned over the years to smile and, despite the mayhem going on inside, you 'function' somehow, or simply avoid problematic situations and hide away.

I had Complex Childhood PTSD with Dissociation. It's gone now.

I booked a session with Nicky with an open mind. At 66, I decided that it was time I should be truly happy.

I was guided by Nicky through an inner journey. In Nicky, I found someone who, in a calm and confident way, took me back to where the damage started. I felt so safe. With ease and integrity she steered me through a series of memories and released me from the pain and grief and hurtful beliefs I had developed about myself through decades. I finally let go! And I feel so happy and free.

Nicky has an expansive toolkit. And Nicky is a wise and knowledgeable soul.

In order to fully connect with my inner self in a safe and relaxed environment, Nicky hypnotised me in order to calm my nervous system, shut down the chitter-chatter of my critical mind so that I could enter into my authentic me. So relaxing yet we interacted the whole time. I just drifted into tranquility and peace.

Together we found the root causes of my disfunctionality. Together we worked on disconnecting me from the disfunctional beliefs and meanings I had attached to painful memories and childhood events. Together we installed new, healthy beliefs, and attached healing meanings. The memories are still there. Shall always be a part of my history. But they cannot, shall not, will not ever disturb me again. Because now I can see those memories through the eyes of a mature, experienced adult and no longer a terrified little child.

Over the last few weeks, I have become stronger, lighter in spirit, grateful, fullfiled and happy.

Donna Carey

3months ago I first went to this wonderful lady (Nicky) on recommendation and I committed to 6 weeks of intensive treatment .. hard to describe it but it was a combination of hypnotherapy/angelic healing /counselling and each week I was gently taken to the roots of my problems/anxiety which was painful but I trusted to go with it and after accepting that the major root of my problems was “ Not being seen @Not being heard”…I have found myself and who I am but more importantly who I am meant to be.. I cannot change the past but embrace who I am becoming from now on
Thank You Nicky for your wisdom /gentleness and patience . I will be forever grateful

Nicky is amazing. She is an expert in her field and can easily guide you through some amazing and intense healing processes. Her guided meditations are so calming and literally take you to a whole different place. I would highly recommend Transformational Healing Therapies to anyone, even those that may not think they need healing. I always come away from our sessions feeling refreshed and clearer on matters of day to day life, my past but also how I can improve my future with just some very simple routines. She really is fantastic.

Kimberly Mac

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